Where’s the Chinese billionaire Jack Ma?

Jack Ma

BEIJING: Chinese business magnate Jack Ma has reportedly disappeared after speculation surfaced that the high-profile businessman would not go public for two months.


Jack Ma
Jack Ma

Jack Ma:The billionaire was scheduled to act as a judge in the final episode” of his own talent show, Africa’s Business Heroes’, but mysteriously did not come up with it, and as a consequence” his photographs were removed from the show’s website, read the news report published in the British publication” The Telegraph..

“”Due to a schedule conflict, Ma could no longer be part of the final judging panel of Africa’s Business Heroes earlier this year (2020), News.18 quoted an Alibaba spokesman as saying.

Ma, known for his bold statements, allegedly came into conflict with the government of President Xi Jinping-led Central Communist Party..

The business magnate had flattened the CCP government’s ‘pawnshop’ financial regulators and state-owned banks in a fire in Shanghai back in October, according to News18.com.

Ma’s criticism was perceived as an attack on the authority of the Communist Party and led to its extraordinary squeeze on Ma’s business activities.

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Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported that Beijing officials reprimanded Ma and suspended the whopping $ 37 billion. $ Initial public offering of its Ant group on direct orders from President Jinping in November.

Ma is one of China’s richest men, and his work for the UN and global charitable activities in recent years have brought a softer edge to China’s global image.

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